Acacia Wood - Oak Nut Carve & Serve Platter - Ironwood Gourmet
Acacia Wood - Oak Nut Carve & Serve Platter - Ironwood Gourmet
Acacia Wood - Oak Nut Carve & Serve Platter - Ironwood Gourmet

Oak Nut Carve & Serve Platter

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  • 19 x 14 x 0.75 inch
  • Cut and carve with the whimsical flair of fall
  • Wash your Ironwood products in warm water and soap.
  • Towel dry. Prop up to allow the wood to fully dry. 
  • Never submerge acacia wood in water or put it in the dishwasher!
  • Regular oiling will help to maintain the deep luster of the Acacia wood and ensure your Ironwood products last for years to come. 
  • When your Ironwood cutting board first arrives it will be thirsty, oil your board once a day for the first week to "season" the board.
  • Once your board is seasoned, oil it once a month for the first year, and at least once a year for life. 
  • Our food-grade blend of mineral and citrus oils is great at preventing cracks. 
  • Don't use an oil that can go bad like olive or canola oil.
  • To deep clean and deodorize your board or bowl make a paste with coarse salt and lemon juice.
Apply Salt: Sprinkle the cutting board with coarse salt like kosher salt.
Scour the surface: Using a lemon half with the cut side down, scour the surface while squeezing to release lemon juice.
Let sit, then scrape off: Let sit for at least 5 minutes, then scrape away the dirty liquid using a bench scraper or metal spatula.
Rinse: Give the surface a final rinse with a clean sponge. Prop up to dry.
  • It is highly unlikely that your board will warp if you avoid submerging it in water and oil it regularly.
  • If your board warps, wet the warped side of the board and place a heavy object on top and let gravity do its thing. A glass baking dish that is a similar size as the board works well. 
  • Feel free to contact us at with any questions. 

Customer Reviews

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kira Smith
The Oak Nut Platter

When everyone comes over they always ask for the acacia wood cutting board that looks like a nut and its so cute because it does such a well job.

Great quality with acacia wood

Acacia wood cutting board, really amazing and natural .
Designed as a nut!!!really cute!!!Very detailed designed, and very beautiful displayed in my kitchen!

omg...just look at this piece of acacia wood

I wish this is my last wooden cutting board because it looks so beautifulll... every time i have guests around no one forgets to talk about it .....