About Ironwood

Designed for the Epicurean

Founded almost 20 years ago, Ironwood was the first acacia wood company for the kitchen. Our desire for durability and meticulous design led us to acacia wood and our partnerships with family-owned farmers in Thailand. Over the years we have developed cutting boards and kitchen products that can withstand even the most rigorous use while effortlessly maintaining their natural beauty.

Wood + Food

At its roots, Ironwood is a company dedicated to quality woodenware. Founded by a restaurateur and wood worker, Ironwood products are both beautiful and durable. Acacia wood is valued for its rich, vivid hues and its natural resilience to water.

This resilience also aids in the natural antibacterial properties of acacia wood. With proper care, Ironwood products will withstand daily use and quickly become kitchen heirlooms.

Craftsmanship + Environmental Stewardship

Ironwood has long-standing relationships with farmers and craftsmen throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia. Through these relationships we are able to source the highest quality acacia wood from farms that practice responsible forestry. To ensure durability and quality, every tree for our products is aged for 25 years, and a new tree is planted for each one taken down.

All of our wood is dried to above-recommended standards to prevent cracking and warping. After Ironwood is hand sanded, we insist that no lacquers are used to mask the shine that can be brought out naturally in every cut we select.

This attention to detail is how we bring our products to life.