Acacia Wood - Charleston End Grain Prep Station - Ironwood Gourmet
Acacia Wood - Charleston End Grain Prep Station - Ironwood Gourmet
Acacia Wood - Charleston End Grain Prep Station - Ironwood Gourmet
Acacia Wood - Charleston End Grain Prep Station - Ironwood Gourmet
Acacia Wood - Charleston End Grain Prep Station - Ironwood Gourmet

Charleston End Grain Prep Station

Regular price $70.00
The Charleston End Grain Prep Station is made of beautiful 100% Acacia wood. This multi-functional board serves as a prep station, cutting and serving board. Perfect for any kitchen.
Acacia wood is known for it's durability, which makes it the perfect wood for your kitchen prep station. Due to it denseness it is also naturally resistant to bacteria. The natural grain gives uniqueness to each cutting board.
  • 20" x 14"
  • 1.25" thick
  • End grain construction for heavy duty cutting, gives more longevity to all your cutting tools
  • Multi-functional board, serves as a prep station, cutting and serving board
  • Made from beautiful and sustainable acacia wood
  • Wash your Ironwood products in warm water and soap.
  • Towel dry. Prop up to allow the wood to fully dry. 
  • Never submerge acacia wood in water or put it in the dishwasher!
  • Regular oiling will help to maintain the deep luster of the Acacia wood and ensure your Ironwood products last for years to come. 
  • When your Ironwood cutting board first arrives it will be thirsty, oil your board once a day for the first week to "season" the board.
  • Once your board is seasoned, oil it once a month for the first year, and at least once a year for life. 
  • Our food-grade blend of mineral and citrus oils is great at preventing cracks. 
  • Don't use an oil that can go bad like olive or canola oil.
  • To deep clean and deodorize your board or bowl make a paste with coarse salt and lemon juice.
Apply Salt: Sprinkle the cutting board with coarse salt like kosher salt.
Scour the surface: Using a lemon half with the cut side down, scour the surface while squeezing to release lemon juice.
Let sit, then scrape off: Let sit for at least 5 minutes, then scrape away the dirty liquid using a bench scraper or metal spatula.
Rinse: Give the surface a final rinse with a clean sponge. Prop up to dry.
  • It is highly unlikely that your board will warp if you avoid submerging it in water and oil it regularly.
  • If your board warps, wet the warped side of the board and place a heavy object on top and let gravity do its thing. A glass baking dish that is a similar size as the board works well. 
  • Feel free to contact us at with any questions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Could use some sanding and drinks a lot of oil, but the price is unbeatable

Wow, this is a thirsty board; it drinks mineral oil like nobody's business without any signs of being saturated after two days. The surface is also rough enough that it'll tear little fibers off of paper towels.

Still, eventually it'll have its fill of oil and sanding was a very easy task. For the price it's going for, I think it's still mostly worth it.

Squeezey D
So far so good

The difference in quality between this cutting board and other end grain boards is not immediately obvious but the differences are there. My board came in good shape and did not have glue everywhere as others have noted. The surface did come with some sanding marks on certain parts of the cutting surface. Now wishing I had a go at it with my sander to smooth it out more. Not a big deal and does not affect the performance. Time will tell how it stands up over time but so far it seems well worth the $60.

Stacy Higgins
Beautifully made

Not sure why so many negative reviews, but this cutting board is beautiful. No glue issues, just perfectly designed and crafted.

Right for the Price

For the cost this is a nice looking board that performs well enough. Like everyone else has said be sure to wash this very well, and feed it oil as it is THIRSTY. Whatever nasty yellow stuff they put on it is clearly cost cutting #1.

Cost cutting #2 is the board finish. Acacia tends to have a slightly rough surface but it�s clear this board was not well planed. Possibly due to the moisture issues.

Cost cut #3 is the glue is visible between the joints when dry. It�s critical to keep this thing from splitting apart to, again, oil the hell out of it.

Good price for a board that�ll last a few years or maybe more with proper care. But you absolutely need to spend another $20-30 on oil and wax before use.

Jacquelynn Hall-Jenkot
Beauty and strength

My Dad just loves it, he has used it with every meal. Is wonderful.